“These are real human beings on the stage, after all. The algorithm which determines, for example, which text will be spoken at any given moment of CAST, and by whom, is not just digitally clever; it is also a catalyst for very human stuff—for humor, for struggle, for humility, and for mess. And don’t forget: these texts which are so carefully (and gleefully?) code-mangled come from real human experiences and speak to real human frailties. The system is designed to confront its own limits, to grind its own gears, and ultimately, to fall apart; or to succeed, but just barely. There’s a non-zero probability that Yanira Castro is the Rube Goldberg of contemporary dance.”
-Brian Rogers, Fusebox’s Written & Spoken

“It is enough to make us stop in our tracks and reconsider everything we have been led to believe about theater.”
-Hilary Tanabe on STAGE, Culturebot

“the surreally imagistic STAGE…felt like a metatheatrical, Dadaistic fantasia, reinvisioned for the 21st century.”
-Ivan V Talijančić, BOMB Magazine


CAST, STAGE, AUTHOR is a trilogy of works that draw from a collection of audio and video recordings (the project’s “archive”) generated with fifteen accomplished NYC performing artists concerning the process of performing and casting, and the complexities of representation. Each piece in the trilogy is a standalone work. Rearranging the relationships between audience, performer, and event, the individual works inform one another and can be viewed in any order.

CAST is a concentrated study of what constitutes a cast. A computer-generated script is culled each night from transcripts of over 100 hours of conversation with the full ensemble. Four performers randomly selected from the ensemble negotiate a new score of movement and text in front of the audience.

STAGE is a visual and aural fantasia with live music. STAGE explores the role of theatrical devices in forming/defining what an audience sees through a choreography of performer and stage machinations.

AUTHOR is a participatory video installation that invites each spectator to interact with the project’s archive through a text-based computer game. Forming a poetically mediated stream-of-conscious between visitors and the text and video archive generated by the project’s 15 performers, audiences walk away with a printed transcript of their interaction.


Director & Choreographer: Yanira Castro
Collaborators & Performers: Kyle Bukhari, Simon Courchel, Leslie Cuyjet, devynn emory, Iréne Hultman, Luke Miller, Sai Somboon, David Thomson, Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, Pamela Vail, Tara Aisha Willis, Darrin Wright
Contributing Artists: John Hoobyar, Shayla-Vie Jenkins, Heather Olson
Installation/Lighting Designer: Kathy Couch
Costume Designer (Masks for STAGE): Miodrag Guberinic
​Dramaturg: Susan Mar Landau​
Composer/Programmer/Interaction Designer: Stephan Moore
Musicians for STAGE: Scott Smallwood, Suzanne Thorpe
Video for AUTHOR: Peter Richards
Stage Managers: Lillie De (CAST), Reilly Horan (STAGE)
Tech Crew for STAGE: Kris Bergbom, Natalie Davery
Transcribers: Stormy Budwig, Emie Hughes
Marketing Assistant: Tara Sheena
Interns: Noor Qasim, Zachary Grand, Chloe Tausk


World Premieres:
CAST at The Chocolate Factory Theater, September 13-23, 2017
STAGE at Abrons Arts Center’s Playhouse, September 14-23, 2017
AUTHOR at The Invisible Dog Art Center, September 7-17, 2017



Hilary Tanabe for Culturebot, “Entering the Fifth Dimension”
Eva Yaa Asantewaa in InfitineBody
Brian Rogers for Fusebox’s Written & Spoken
Interview with Ivan Talijancic for The Brooklyn Rail
Martha Sherman preview for
Interviews with Martha Sherman for her blog Part 1 and Part 2
BOMB Magazine’s “Looking Back on 2017: Theater & Performance”’s “Giving Thanks for Dance” by Martha Sherman



The creation of CAST, STAGE, AUTHOR is being made possible, in part, by generous commissions from the three presenting organizations: The Chocolate Factory, Abrons Art Center and The Invisible Dog Art Center.

CAST, STAGE, AUTHOR is also being made possible by the amazing continuing support of The Jerome Foundation Grant and by New Music USA, made possible by annual program support and/or endowment gifts from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust, Baisley Powell Elebash Fund, Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, and Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant. To follow the project as it unfolds, visit my New Music USA project page: CAST, STAGE, AUTHOR is also made possible by our generous Kickstarter donors.

The development of CAST, STAGE, AUTHOR is being made possible, in part, by Yanira Castro’s participation in Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Extended Life Dance Development program and the work is being developed as part of the Extended Life Dance Development program made possible in part by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation ( CAST, STAGE, AUTHOR is also being researched, developed and honed with financial, administrative and residency support from the Dance in Process program at Gibney Dance with funds provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. STAGE was created with support from the Abrons Arts Center through the Abrons AIRspace Residency Program.

We wish to thank Amilcar Guzman for the donation to the making of CAST given in the name of the artistic legacy of his husband, choreographer André Gingras (1966 – 2013).

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