devynn emory



Brooklyn, NY

Cast, Stage, Author



devynn emory is a plays with their mixed race and transgender identity inside the complications of formalism as an organizing system and ideology. Their company devynnemory/beastproductions uses mapping and psychoanalysis to locate the self and other. They have shown their work both nationally and internationally. emory is also a freelance dance artist who has worked with Andrea Geyer, Gerard & Kelly, Tere O’Connor, Kim Brandt, Yve Laris Cohen, Faye Driscoll, Jen Rosenblit, Headlong Dance Theater, Jerome Bel, White Oak Dance Project and is excited about working with Yanira Castro. In addition to being a dance artist, emory explores other reams of the body as a teacher, a massage therapist in private practice serving the LGBT community, and is a nursing student.

Yanira Castro Anna Azrieli Kyle Bukhari Kathy Couch Simon Courchel Leslie Cuyjet Lillie De devynn emory Miodrag Guberinic John Hoobyar Iréne Hultman Reilly Horan Shayla-Vie Jenkins Susan Mar Landau Luke Miller Stephan Moore Heather Olson Peter Richards Peter B. Schmitz Tara Sheena Sai Somboon David Thomson Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste Pamela Vail Tara Aisha Willis Darrin Wright Julie Wyman
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