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Brooklyn, NY

Court/Garden | NANCY | Paradis | The People to Come



Kirsten Schnittker is a dance-maker, performer, and arts administrator living in Brooklyn. She is a graduate of Barnard College where she studied History and Dance and performed in the work of Juliana May, Bill Young, Amanda Loulaki, Brian Brooks and Renée Archibald. These artists inspired her to make her way as a dancer in New York City. Since then, she has made her own work, presented in New York City by AUNTS, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Center for Performance Research, ROVE/Rooftop Dance, and Triskelion Arts, among others, and has had the pleasure of performing in the work of Annette Herwander, Tara Aisha Willis, the A.O. Movement Collective, Andrew Schneider, Kelley Donovan & Dancers, and many others. Other than Yanira Castro/a canary torsi, with whom she has worked over 4 years, she performs with Brooklyn-based artists Ilona Bito, Diana Crum, and Amity Jones.

Yanira Castro Martita Abril Anna Azrieli Kyle Bukhari Toni Carlson Kathy Couch Simon Courchel Leslie Cuyjet Lillie De devynn emory Miodrag Guberinic John Hoobyar Iréne Hultman Shayla-Vie Jenkins Susan Mar Landau Luke Miller Stephan Moore Heather Olson Peter Richards Peter B. Schmitz Kirsten Schnittker Tara Sheena Sai Somboon David Thomson Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste Pamela Vail Tara Aisha Willis Darrin Wright Julie Wyman
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